The 6th Asia Conference on Earthquake Engineering (6ACEE)  will be hosted by the Association of Structural Engineers of the Philippines (ASEP) on September 2016. This will be the third time that ASEP, the founding organization of the ACEE will host and organize this conference.

 A Brief History of the ACEE:



  • 2ACEE: “Seismic Hazards Mitigation Through Research, Education and Technology”, March 10-11, 2006, Venue: Manila, Philippines,

Organizer: ASEP,  (http://www.dlsu.edu.ph/conferences/acee/index.html)


  • 3ACEE: “Disaster Risk Reduction and Capacity Building for Safer Environments,” 1-3, 2010, Venue: Bangkok, Thailand,

Organizer: Asian Institute of Thailand and Engineering Institute of Thailand


  • 4ACEE: “In commemoration of the First Anniversary of the 2011 Tohoku Pacific Earthquake,” March 6-8, 2012, Venue: Tokyo, Japan,

Organizer: Center for Urban Earthquake Engineering (CUEE), Tokyo Institute of Technology, Joint Conference with 9CUEE, (http://www.cuee.titech.ac.jp/Conference_2012/Doc/9CUEE&4ACEE.pdf)


  • 5ACEE: ”Earthquake Engineering for Resilient Communities,” October 17-18, 2014, Venue: Taipei, Taiwan, Organizer: National Center for Research on Earthquake Engineering (NCREE) and National Taiwan University (NTU), (http://acee2014.ncree.org.tw/index.aspx?n=I20141016A0)




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